Manly Bombers Club Policies

Policies under review to be released early 2018

1 AFL Schedule 4 National_Vilification Discrimination Policy

2 Manly Bombers Child Protection Policy                            

3 Manly Bombers Player Management Policy

4 AFL Schedule 3 National Privacy Policy

5 Manly Bombers Communication Policy 

6 Manly Bombers Social Media Policy 

7 Manly Bombers Fiscal Policy

7a Financial Hardship Agreement.

7b Team Allowance Acknowledgement

8 Players Code of Conduct

9 Parents and Spectators Code of Conduct

10 Officials Code of Conduct
11 Coaches Code of Conduct and Role of the Coach
12 Issue Resolution Procedure - Internal disputes

12a Internal Dispute Resolution Flowchart

13 Issue Resolution Procedure - External disputes

13a Inter Club Dispute Resolution Flow Chart

14 Reported Incident and Club Disciplinary Committee Policy and Procedures

16 Smoke Free Policy
17 Lightning Policy
18 Alcohol Policy
19 Heat Policy

All Clubs, Players and Officials agree to comply with AFL, AFL NSW/ACT and League By-Laws and regulations including:

                a. the Laws of the Game;

                b. the National Player Transfer Regulations;

                c. the National Member Protection Policy;

                d. the National Extreme Weather Policy;

                e. the National Vilification and Discrimination Policy;

                f. the National Gambling Policy;

                g. the National Player and Official Deregistration Policy;

                h. the Anti-Doping Policy;

                i. the Sports Trainers in Community Australian Football Policy;

                j. the Working With Children Policy;

                k. the AFL NSWACT Statement on Electronic Communications;

                l. the State and Territory Tribunal Guidelines NSW/ACT;

                m. the National Disciplinary Tribunal Guidelines

                n. the AFL NSW/ACT Regulations;

                o. the AFL NSW/ACT Code of Conduct;

                p. the AFL NSW/ACT Code of Practice for infectious diseases;


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