New U18 Youth Girls Coach

December 4, 2016

The Manly Bombers Junior AFL Club is please to announce Jasmine Fergus as it's Head Coach U18 Girls for season 2017. 


Originally from Manly, attending the same high school as many of our girls currently attend. 

Jasmine whilst growing up played every sport you could get involved with from beach volley ball to taekwondo to soccer.

She just had a passion for sport in general.  


However with her family big on the NRL and her school never offering it as a sport, she was a late comer to AFL. 


Jasmine started playing in her 20's with Southern Power, because of friends there that encouraged her to join. "It was daunting at first but the culture and support I got from AFL was mind blowing. We were what felt like an extended family"


Her first game was in the Ruck position as Jasmine was considered tall at her 176 cm and quite strong so it made sense. A tough and important position and she loved it starting the game off. Jasmine was able to stay in the position for the entire year.

In her first year Power won the premiership so she started her AFL career on a buzz.

Playing for Power for a couple more years, playing nearly every position but landing finally as a forward. 

Her talent got her picked to play for Sydney AFL Rep team in her late 20's but after this experience she decided rep footy wasn’t for her, instead changing clubs to further develop her skills. 


Moving to the Sydney Uni Bombers, now this was a challenge. The club is well established and runs at very high and professional standards. This year there were 8 players in the team that had been selected to play for the Sydney Swans exposition team and many of them going on to be picked as players for GWS Giants in the National Women's League.


So she sure had a challenge to earn her spot on the playing side.

Working hard she managed to get in the starting line up every game. Playing full forward and kicking many 6 pointers for the club.

Unfortunately a  month out from this years final disaster struck, jumping up for a mark and landing poorly breaking her right ankle. Heart breaking sitting on the sidelines for the teams final and grand finale. With the Sydney Uni Bombers ended up going down in the grand final by 7 points.



This brings us to today and the Manly U18 Bombers.


"The world of women’s footy is changing and every female player now has so much opportunity"


Jasmine, who is still playing as Full Forward, for Sydney Uni Bombers and not knowing how many seasons she has left as a player has chosen to give back to the sport as a coach, hoping to always be a part of girls footy.

She hopes to bring inspiration, fun and passion to the U18 girls and share some of the knowledge, lessons and skills that she has gained over her playing career.


Welcome to the Manly Bombers Jasmine.




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