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History and Club Mission

The Manly Bombers Junior AFL Club was founded in 2001. We are based on the lower Northern Beaches of Sydney, with our home ground at Weldon Oval, North Curl Curl.


Our Mission Statement is:

“to introduce, teach, develop and promote the AFL code within the broader Manly Warringah community whilst contributing towards the physical, social and personal development of the children”

At the Manly Bombers, we don’t just teach kids the unique craft of Aussie Rules football, they also learn courage, self-confidence, discipline and, most importantly, team spirit. 


The Club caters for all ages from 5 to 18 years of age. All children are encouraged to have fun and learn new skills. Auskick to Under 12s play modified rules designed to introduce the skills of AFL football.

  • For 5 to 8 year olds there is LIMITED CONTACT, NO GRADING and the emphasis is on FUN and developing a love for sport.

  • For ages Under 9 to Under 10; this is an introduction to the team structure with MODIFIED TACKLING and NO GRADING.

  • For ages Under 11 and Under 12, this is an introduction to the graded competition structure and MODIFIED TACKLING
    and GRADING is introduced.

  • For ages Under 13 to Under 17, this is YOUTH FOOTBALL on a full size oval with some modified rules, which ensures maximum participation and enjoyment in a competitive, but fun and SAFE environment.

  • For our Under 17 age group this can be both the pinnacle of their Junior Football and preparation for continuing
    to play Adult football.

  • For Under 10, 12, 14. 16 and 18 Girls, these are competitions for girls only teams and they play MODIFIED RULES on

Australian Football is a fun, safe, contact sport which all children can play and enjoy. Everyone gets a game. All coaches are trained by the AFL and have Level 1 credentials (minimum). The main aim of the Club is for the players to have fun, enjoy the game and become proficient at the skills of Australian Football.

All players, coaches and parents are required to abide by the AFL’s “Code of Conduct” rules.




To join or find out more information about the Bombers contact the Club Registrar

Club Song

Form a circle and sing at the top of your voice:


“See the Bombers fly up, up!

To win the premiership flag.

Our team who plays this grand old game,

Are always striving for glory and fame!

See the Bombers fly up, up,

The other teams they don’t fear,

They all try their best,

But they can’t get near,

As the Bombers fly up!”


It is a Club tradition for the 5 to 8 year olds to form a circle and sing the Club song at the end of each Auskick session. For all other age groups, it is an AFL tradition that at the end of a game the winning team forms a circle and sings their Club song.

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